If you choose to visit Andorra and Ordino by public transport, you have two lines that run throughout the parish. The first makes a loop around Ordino to Serrat / Sorteny and the second to Coll d’Ordino.

Reap the benefits of the advantageous price of €0.20 per trip, or for €1 per day, you can take as many trips as you like and discover the whole parish of Ordino.

During winter you can access the ski resort of Ordino Arcalís by free bus.Download the timetables here -  Andorra - Arcalís bus timetables

Another convenient bus is Line 6 if you want to visit the capital or stop in La Massana.

If you want to find out the routes and stops, as well as the timetables, see the following links.

Parish bus lines, routes and timetables: https://www.ordino.ad/comu/atencio-ciutadana-servei-circulacio/img/buscomunal2021.jpg

The parish bus to Coll d'Ordino changes its timetable from May 13: Download the new timetable here.

See line 6 Andorra - Ordino: https://bus.ad/linia-andorra-ordino